Neck pitch - the angle that the neck attaches to the body - is a key element in a guitars tone. The S&P neck attachment system insures consistent neck pitch. The wood to wood (no glue) attachment provides excellent neck/body energy transfer.
Sides are made from three layers of laminated hardwood.
Real wood rosette is inlaid into top
Pro Series feature solid wood backs
Rosewood bridge is glued on bare wood - not over finish
The S&P saddle provides compensation for every string. S&P guitars play beautifully 'in tune' all over the neck.
High Ratio, sealed machine heads.
Honduras Mahogany neck is supported by an advanced truss rod system, that allows us to reduce the neck thickness to a very comfortable size without sacrificing stability.
Rosewood fingerboard with medium nickel/silver frets.
The solid spruce (or cedar) tops produce an excellent sound table, and improve with age.
A genuine lacquer finish provides protection without inhibiting vibration