Fort EPP Case

The portable nature of the acoustic guitar plays a big part in its popularity. Obviously, providing appropriate protection for your guitar when moving it, is an important consideration. Up until now, guitar players have been faced with the choice of either a gig bag or a hard shell case for the protection of their instrument. The light weight of gig bags makes them easy to carry but they don’t offer much in the way of impact resistance. Hard shell cases, on the other hand, provide better impact protection but are much heavier and awkward to carry.

What every guitar player really wants is a case that combines the lightweight and convenience of a gig bag with the impact protection of a hard shell case. We found the answer when we became aware of a high-tech material called Neopolen P expanded polypropylene (EPP). This same material is widely used in automotive applications that require impact energy management. For example: bumper cores, steering wheels and dashboards which all require an exceptionally strong material that can absorb multiple impacts without losing its cushioning properties.

So we designed a new case using this amazing new material. The Fort* EPP case has redefined guitar protection and now you can enjoy the convenience of a lightweight case—at 2 ˝ lbs this case is a mere ˝ lb heavier than a gig bag—with impact resistance beyond that of the average hard shell case.

The Fort EPP case is also resistant to heat, cold and moisture. Many cases may offer water resistance. But, the Fort Guitar Case goes beyond basic water resistance by providing excellent resistance to heat and cold. This is a tremendous advantage in that it is not so much extremes of temperature that will damage your guitar, as it is the rapid change from one extreme to the other.

For more information about the Fort EPP case please visit your authorized Simon & Patrick dealer.

* Fort cases are made in Canada by The Godin Guitar Company.