About our gitars

Acoustic guitar players are demanding more of their instruments than ever before. Today we play all over the fingerboard, constantly change tunings, and acoustic guitars have become a key component in music of all styles. Simon and Patrick guitars combine the classic elements of the acoustic guitar tradition with state-of-the-art innovations to deliver the sound, feel and power that modern acoustic music demands.

Guitar sound is all about vibrating wood and while it is true that the entire instrument vibrates, no part vibrates as much as the top - that's where most of the sound comes from. Simon and Patrick guitars feature select solid Cedar and Spruce tops. The tight straight grain in this wood makes it stiff enough in the direction of the grain to take the string tension, while at the same time it's flexibility across the grain allows it to vibrate. The more the top vibrates, the better the sound. And, more importantly, the increased vibration causes the sound to get better and better. This phenomenon of improving sound is called aging. In order to encourage aging in the guitar it must be played! The more you practice - the better you play, and, your guitar improves with you!